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Our Mission

We help break loneliness from our members, by providing advice, listening, encouragement and serives of support. We also promote the development of the autonomy of our members on the professional as well as the social level. In order to achieve this, our dynamic team performs the following actions:

  1. Provides services of reference for appropriate organizations that meet the needs of our members and want to improve their living conditions.
  2. Organizes discussions on employment in order to allow our members to share the positive experiences and overcome any obstacles encountered in their job search, in order to find solutions to achieve their goal.
  3. Works with organizations and employers in Lasalle and surrounding areas to provide employment and social engagement opportunities to our members.
  4. Designs a social network for our members, using recreational activities that encourage meeting and sharing enriching discussions with each other.
  5. Offers a low-cost tax return clinic for our members, right at home, during the tax period.
  6. research of used equipment, such as: manual and motorized wheelchairs as well as crutches and walkers to our members who are not eligible for the current criteria required by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (RAMQ).